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Any effective skincare regimen begins with a good cleaning of the complexion and skin. AlternativeBeauty offers proven, effective cleansers and washes for targeted skin care - oil, dry, combination or acne-specific. All can be used and marketed as a facial or body wash and are often combined with a lotion, cream, or toner for packaging and addressing specific skin care problems. All are available for private label or wholesale.

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Oily Skin Face Wash Oily Skin Face Wash

Hydrolyzed oats and oat flour bring serious moisture and deposit it deep into the layers of oily skin without depositing oils.

Our Price: $75.00
Wholesale Acnetene® AcneWash® Acnetene AcneWash 1

Acnetene Acne wash doubles as a wash for the face and body that helps gets rid of and prevent reoccurring acne break-outs. Deep cleaning, detoxifying acne face & body wash for sensitive skin! Clear up break - outs while preventing future ones with super effective Sebustopô.

Our Price: $75.00
Acne & Oily Face Wash Acne & Oily Face Wash

Instead it uses herbal extracts to deep cleanse pores along with Jojoba oil to purify skin and an omega blend to stimulate collagen growth and replenish lost moisture deep within the skin.

Our Price: $84.00
Herbal Blend Wash Herbal Blend Wash

Extreme moisturizing (same expensive ingredients that you use on your face). Collagen building and protein enhancing.

Our Price: $84.00
Dry Face Wash Dry Face Wash

This face wash uses decyl glucoside and peg olivate 7 - both are extremely mild cleansing agents to make this a sodium laurel and laureth free face cleanser.

Our Price: $84.00