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Product Packaging

Many of the products manufactured by are pre-packaged, labeled, branded and available for wholesale.

If you choose to create your own brand with your own label design and identity, we provide standard bottles, packaging and multiple sizes available for both hair and skin care products. Label design is the responsibility of our customers. We have a list of dimensions for your designer to create your labels listed below for each bottle we stock.

The bottle packaging below is for general information - sizes vary as well as availability. As general guidance, the listed labels and their pricing is for information only and may change at any time. Pricing can also vary depending on the complexity and printing requirements - color, reflectivity, thickness, material, backing etc.

If you would like to private label and create your own brand, we recommend giving us a call toll-free at 888-424-7009 to discuss product, packaging and labeling options.

All of our shampoos and conditioners come in the Millenium bottles, the shampoos are in the 12 oz and the conditioners are in the 8 oz. All of the creams are in the 50ml (1.7 oz) airless pumps and the serums are in the 30ml (1 oz) airless pumps. The lotions are in the white 8oz Millenium bottles. The Enzy Block comes in a clear glass 2 oz Boston Round with a white dropper, the Dermal An is in the amber glass Boston Round with a black dropper. All vitamins are in the white vitamin bottle with a white lid. The Follicleanse OS/DS line comes in the 16oz Cosmo Bottles. If you have any other questions or concerns please give us a call @ 1-888-424-7009

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