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StriMedik-K Spider Vein Cream Instant Firm Serum
Our Price: $162.00
Our Price: $144.00
StriMedik-K Spider Vein Cream Instant Firm Serum
It contains 2% Vitamin K, 5% Phtotonine, Hylauronic Acid, Emu Oil, Aloe Butter and Jojoba Oil just to name a few key ingredients. Skin Tight tightens the skin immediately as well as provides positive long term effects by strengthening the connective tissue of the skin. Helps promote the formation of collagen-1.
Follicleanse Shampoo Hair Nutrition Vitamins
List Price: $115.26
Our Price: $102.48
You save $12.78!
Our Price: $84.00
Follicleanse Shampoo Hair Nutrition Vitamins
Let your hair breathe and grow as it should. All of us get build up on the hair root but few ever do anything about until the damage of dry hair, weak brittle and thinning can occur Today's diet lacks nutrition needed for healthy hair. Try Hair Nutrition and see the results for Faster hair growth, healthier hair!
Follicle Stimulator
Our Price: $96.00
Follicle Stimulator
Follicle Stimulator is a hair accelerator that feeds follicles and helps remove obstacles that impede hair from being its healthiest.