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Toners and Masks (Masques)complexion toners and masks wholesale private label

Toners are concentrated solutions developed to be used in conjunction with other skin care products or a targeted regimen - whether for oily skin/complexion, dry skin/complexion or for acne. Herbal toners are also excellent for deep-cleaning combination skin/complexion and help irrigate pores of bacteria, dirt, contaminants and yeast (fighting infection and pimples/blemishes). Masks often combine targeted care with alight abrasive that helps remove dead skin cells and promote healthy tissue development. All products are available for private label and wholesale.

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Wholesale Acnetene PimplePads Acnetene PimplePads 2

Wholesale Acnetene 2 Toning Wipes-Pads wipe away dirt and oil build up while killing acne causing bacteria.

Our Price: $57.00
Acne/Oily Skin Mask Acne/Oily Skin Mask

Oily skin has met its match with this detoxification mask thatís filled with bentonite clay and zinc pca that regulates sebum while removing oils from the skin and leaving healthy clean skin.

Our Price: $120.00
Dry Skin Mask Dry Skin Mask

Ah - it what you'll skin says when it feels the deep moisture for the first time in a long time. Honey, hydrolyzed oats and deep carrying omegas penetrate the tough dead skin cells to deliver level 3 moisture to your dehydrated skin cells!

Our Price: $120.00