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Facial Toners complexion toners and masks wholesale private label

Toners are concentrated solutions developed to be used in conjunction with other skin care products or a targeted regimen - whether for oily skin/complexion, dry skin/complexion or for acne. Herbal toners are also excellent for deep-cleaning combination skin/complexion and help irrigate pores of bacteria, dirt, contaminants and yeast (fighting infection and pimples/blemishes). Masks often combine targeted care with alight abrasive that helps remove dead skin cells and promote healthy tissue development. All products are available for private label and wholesale.

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Wholesale Acnetene PimplePads Acnetene PimplePads 2

Wholesale Acnetene 2 Toning Wipes-Pads wipe away dirt and oil build up while killing acne causing bacteria.

Our Price: $57.00
Balancing Toner Balancing Toner

Creates an even and more uniform complexion

Our Price: $88.80
Acne Toner Acne Toner

Perfect for both anti-aging and skin-correcting qualities.

Our Price: $108.00
Dry Skin Face Toner Dry Skin Face Toner

Balance and restore a healthy complexion!

Our Price: $120.00