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Emu Conditioner No Weight Conditioner wholesale sfree growth conditioner
Emu Conditioner
Our Price: $75.00
No Weight Conditioner
Our Price: $84.00
Omega 3's are a vital part of our anti aging and health. Yet most people simply do not get enough to help hair and skin be vibrant and full of health. Let your hair breathe and grow as it should. All of us get build up on the hair root but few ever do anything about until the damage of dry hair, weak brittle and thinning can occur. Works for men and women alike. Pushes your hair to its maximum growth rate. Hydrates hair deep into the scalp while keeping it healthy.
Awaken and Replenish Conditioner Sfree Emu Oil Cream Rinse ProFolla Silk Growth Conditioner
Sfree Emu Oil Cream Rinse
Our Price: $97.50
Omega 3's, amino acids and extreme botanical extracts help hair to remain at it's most optimal. Uses essential Omega 3's that penetrates hair & scalp - very important in that it raises the moisture level within the hair to 8%. Sfree cream rinse will help get your hair back into a healthy growth phase. A cream based conditioner that goes on and envelops the hair to seal in moisture and guard against damage. PFS Growth Conditioner helps promote new healthy hair growth, shine, moisture and more manageable hair. This Conditioner is loaded with Trichogen, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil!
ProFolla Silk Moisture Conditioner Hair Growth Conditioner
Hair Growth Conditioner
Our Price: $228.00
It is gentle on the scalp because it is naturally based. It contains Lustreplex which is designed specifically to help repair African American hair. The formula includes a bit of emu oil, which is a nourishing carrier oil that is known to drench your hair with hydration and promote growth