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Psoriasis Shampoo
Psoriais Shampoo
Psoriasis Shampoo with Emu Oil, Menthol, and Peppermint Essential Oil helps heal scalp tissue and scalp bumps while Jojoba Oil, Keratin and Amino Acids restore hair and scalp health.

  • Emu Oil for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces flaking, itching, bumps & sores
  • Helps prevent hair loss with Emu Oil, Amino Acids, & Keratin
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Size Case of 12 (8oz) - 90.00
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Psoriasis Shampoo

Advanced formula for flakes, itching and scalp health!

Advanced formula by Healthy Hair Plus helps heal flaking, itching and soothe inflammation and redness. 100%, Grade A grade Emu Oil and Menthol extract help heal scalp tissue while Jojoba Oil, Keratin and amino acids to restore hair and scalp health. A cool, refreshing sensation and fragrance fights scalp psoriasis, itchiness, itchy scalp bumps, redness, flakes and irritation and decreases chances of hair loss.

Psoriasis shampoo features refreshing and invigorating aroma of peppermint and menthol. Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade A Emu Oil and Menthol extract, Psoriasis shampoo deep cleans the hair and scalp while regulating scalp oils and penetrating deep to moisturize.

Treatment Shampoo for...

  • Scalp psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, hair loss
  • Scalp inflammation, redness, itchy scalp bumps
  • Flaking, swollen scalp skin

Formulated specifically to bridge the gap of clarifying and moisturizing shampoos for medicinal treatment of psoriasis, dandruff, dermatitis - yet is safe for daily use.

The refreshing, cooling effects of peppermint and menthol with the deep cleaning benefits and moisturizing properties of Emu, Jojoba and Panthenol. Invigorate and rejuvenate your hair and scalp with the refreshing aroma of Peppermint and Menthol.

  • Peppermint excites and stimulates circulation while providing a tingling sensation to tell you its working to cleanse and stimulate.
  • Advanced Psoriasis Shampoo formula
  • Reduces flaking, itching and restores scalp health
  • Emu and Jojoba Oil soothe inflammation and redness
  • Panthenol restores follicle and scalp health
  • Pharmaceutical-grade Menthol invigorates healthy cell renewal

Formulated to relieve common symptoms of scalp psoriasis, itchy, oily scalp and reduce dandruff and scalp psoriasis, this shampoo cleanser invigorates the senses while soothing and nourishing the scalp making it a great psoriasis hair treatment.

Formulated with Jojoba, Emu, Panthenol and Peppermint oils to help soothe dry, tight scalp, the tingling blend of menthol and peppermint oils leaves a cool, clean and fresh feeling scalp.

Rich in Emu Oil, a top-rated psoriasis shampoo infuses deep moisture and carries nutrient, minerals, botanical extracts and vitamins to the root and bulb to promote healthy hair growth. A soothing astringent, Emu Oil and Peppermint are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that soothe redness, itching and reduce flaking.

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