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Healthy Hair Plus Hair ProductsWholesale and private label hair products

Wholesale & Private Label Hair Products

Healthy Hair Plus offers a wide-selection of natural-base, solution-targeted hair products. Formulated with effective ingredients that have been carefully developed, Healthy Hair Plus offers shampoos, conditioner and styling aids that have been best-sellers with customers for over 18 years.

With such a wide selection, if you have questions, please call our customer service line at 888-424-7009.

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Emu Shampoo Emu Conditioner No Weight Conditioner
Emu Shampoo
Our Price: $72.00
Emu Conditioner
Our Price: $75.00
No Weight Conditioner
Our Price: $84.00
Emu Oil Shampoo formulated with 100%, Grade A Emu Oil. Excellent for
adding moisture & hydration to dry, brittle, lifeless hair. Adds
body, volume & superb manageability. Improves moisture content &
hydration. Natural anti-bacterial properties for improved hair &
scalp health.
Omega 3's are a vital part of our anti aging and health. Yet most people simply do not get enough to help hair and skin be vibrant and full of health. Let your hair breathe and grow as it should. All of us get build up on the hair root but few ever do anything about until the damage of dry hair, weak brittle and thinning can occur.
HHP Antifungal Shampoo - Wholesale HHP Antifungal Conditioner - Wholesale Vitamin Shampoo
HHP Antifungal Shampoo
Our Price: $90.00
Vitamin Shampoo
Our Price: $96.00
The all in one anti-fungal shampoo that will give you the turn around you need when tackling problematic scalp and hair conditions treating fungal and bacterial scalp conditions.Emu Oil & Coconut Oil enriched formula! HHP Antifungal Conditioner with natural antifungal and antibacterial properties inhibits fungus and bacteria while soothing itching, irritation and inflammation. Formulated with Panthenol, Emu Oil, and Jojoba Oil for scalp and hair conditioning. Enrich hair with vitamins, amino acids, and new healthy hair accelerator formula.  Amino acids and botanicals strengthen and clean without build-up. Vitamins and botanicals help restore healthy shine.
Follicleanse Conditioner Dermatitis Shampoo | Wholesale Hair Growth Conditioner
Follicleanse Conditioner
Our Price: $102.00
Dermatitis Shampoo
Our Price: $102.00
Hair Growth Conditioner
Our Price: $228.00
Zinc PCA and Emu Oil working together in this conditioner to help clean and heal the scalp. Emu Oil adds a tremendous amount of moisture to the hair and scalp.
Developed specifically to address the redness, inflammation, scaling, and flaking of symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis. Zinc and botanical extract formula helps soothe the scalp, reduce oiliness and naturally inhibit yeast and infection. Available for wholesale, private label and drop ship. The formula includes a bit of emu oil, which is a nourishing carrier oil that is known to drench your hair with hydration and promote growth