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Hotel Shampoo
Complete line of spa and salon hotel shampoo available for private label or wholesale for hotels and resorts.  Sure to please customers and guests.  Shampoos that moisturize (perfect for ski resorts, high altitudes and northern climates), deep clean (ocean, beach, desert and cruise lines), and protect (high activity camps, resorts and hotels).hotel shampoo
Bulk, wholesale and private label shampoo for hotels, beach house rentals, home maintenance teams and rental companies.  Widely used by management companies for condos, apartments and houses at golf and tennis resorts as well.
Hotel shampoo perfect for:
  • Hotels
  • Management companies
  • Resorts, Rental homes, condos and apartments
  • Camps
Substantial svaings buying shampoo direct from the manufacture.  Alternative Beauty is a leader in hair care, manufacturing shampoo and conditioner for hundreds of whoesale and private label customers and tens of thousands of cunsumers.
Spa and salon quality shampoos and conditioners have rich and light fragrances and are perfect for beach and mountain resorts and for all climates. Perfect for management companies overseeing 100-5,000 rental units and fro small and large ski or beach resorts.
wholesale and private label shampoo for hotels, resorts and rentalsMany of our hotel customers have developed profit centers by selling these products online following guest visits.  Establishing a low-cost ecommerce site to sell shampoo and conditioner your guests fall in love with is easy.  Many hotels and resorts with associated spas supplement spa sells with products placed online for additional sales.
Private label, wholesale and bulk shampoo available for resorts, hotels and rentals.  See shampoo and conditioner options.