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Follicleanse Shampoo
Follicleanse Shampoo
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Follicleanse™ is good for several scalp issue. We use Zinc PCA to help regulate the sebaceous glands by controlling the amount of sebum being released.

  • Moderate to chronic oiliness
  • Clarifying shampoo for built-up residue from products
  • Reduces scalp inflammation, itch or irritation
  • Helps heal scalp sores and scalp acne
  • Helps eliminate dandruff, dermatitis and scalp psoriasis
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Follicleanse Shampoo - Deep Cleaning and Clarifying

Intensely purifying Follicleanse Shampoo packs a serious punch in treating a variety of hair & scalp conditions – this top selling product offers a deep cleaning action, essential to a healthy scalp & hair condition.

Our active ingredient in this game-changing formula is Zinc PCA – well renown for “problem” scalp and hair conditions.

Key Points:

· Deep cleanses scalp and hair,

· Removes dirt, product build up, bacteria and fungi

· Treats, controls and prevents scalp conditions

· Regulates oil production from sebaceous glands

· Eradicates flaking and dandruff

· Zinc offers an anti – bacterial and anti-fungal action

· Regenerative healing action as vitamins are deeply infused in the scalp

· Stimulates blood flow and scalp micro-circulation

· Inhibits DHT accumulation which causes hair loss and thinning

· Paraben-Free, gentle on the scalp & hair

· Resulting in healthy, shiny hair lustre

Follicleanse Shampoo offers the all-round solution that can be used daily without damage or over stimulation to the hair or scalp.

This product, containing Zinc PCA, is especially great for those struggling with an oily / greasy scalp and hair conditions. Herbal extracts in the formula offer an intense cleanse and increased circulation. The anti-seborrheic and Bacteriostatic actions control and regulate sebum production, literally going from “root” level. Added rice proteins strengthen the external condition of your hair as they envelop the fibres, offering an additional layer of protection.

Follicleanse Shampoo targets build up in the follicles of hair, going straight to the root of any scalp or hair condition problems. This fantastic Zinc PCA shampoo, containing Jojoba Oil, deep cleans and removes potential blockages from the root of the hair. Removing oils, dirt, sebum, bacteria, cholesterol and DHT from within the follicle. Irrigating the follicles and encouraging healthy oxygen & blood supply.

With a powerful combination of Zinc PCA, Fenugreek and herbal extracts – Follicleanse Shampoo will prevent follicle blockages, regulate sebaceous scalp and gland sebum, create moisture balance and remove scalp build up as well as assist in preventing hair loss. Additionally this great product stimulates the delivery of nutrients to the root of hair fibres.

Fision™ AquaShield

Follicleanse Shampoo contains Fision™ AquaShield, a break - through solution in managing your hair moisture levels. As balance is restored, both extremes of the hair care struggle are addressed: too oily versus too dry. This deep-cleansing product has been formulated to bring balance to your scalp by regulating your sebaceous glands and their secretion

Imbalances are indicated by various scalp afflictions - itchy / red scalp, dandruff, flaking, greasy roots & oily hair. As the levels of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands are regulated and balanced out, the natural balance in your scalp is restored.

Our top-selling shampoo has become a hair-product must for many clients looking for the best deep-cleanse on the market as well as those clients with specific needs such as: itchy scalp, dermatitis, DHT, product build up, scalp acne and scalp psoriasis.

Did you know that when sebum & cholesterol combine a hard substance is formed within your hair follicle, resulting in a blockage against the essential oxygen & blood supply to your hair roots? As this blockage continues, bacteria begin to breed as well – not conducive to a healthy scalp. This scenario can result in flaking, scalp irritation, scalp psoriasis and dandruff.

It is essential that the sebum, cholesterol, dirt and bacteria are eradicated and that follicle irrigation takes place in order to restore balance to your scalp.

How does Follicleanse Shampoo do this?

· Zinc PCA is used to regulate the sebum gland and prevent oily scalp and sebum build from repeating.

· Fenugreek is a natural stimulant that increases blood supply including oxygen and vital nutrients to the root

· Fenugreek and B Vitamins help to stop the formation of dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle from the sebaceous gland

· Panthenol in extreme amounts (4 times more than the best known hair shampoo) Panthenol penetrates the hair shaft to expand width and thickness and add health

· Ivy Burdock, Thyme and Sage all work to prevent DHT while stimulating blood flow.

What about Scalp Build Up?

In order to ensure that we’re not clogging up our follicles, it’s important to have an idea of where this build up originates.

With a variety of hair products in use, from sprays and gels to shampoos and conditioners, there are several ways in which the build-up occurs. Combined with sweat, scalp oil, environmental contaminants (for example, dust) – this overall build up creates a tough wall within the hair follicles resulting in oxygen & blood supply starvation as well as blocking the natural release of sebum from sebaceous glands in our scalp.

Fision® Hair PF INCI

Follicleanse Shampoo contains Fision® Hair PF, an especially designed system created to actively work on the appearance and quality of hair. This is Zinc Shampoo not only offers a gentle healing deep cleanse but also provides a system to work specifically on the look & feel of your hair.

  • Zinc PCA
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Amino Acids
  • Keratin

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