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Sfree Clarify Shampoo Psoriais Shampoo wholesale sfree growth shampoo
Sfree Clarify Shampoo
Our Price: $72.00
Psoriasis Shampoo
Our Price: $90.00
Sfree Hair Growth Shampoo
Our Price: $96.00
It has a very gentle and mild lather that help was away build up from the environment, dirt, dead skin, products and oils. It helps heal damaged areas on the scalp, with itís cooling, refreshing sensation and fragrance. This means new hair growth and faster hair growth for the hair that you already have. It contains emu oil which helps lock in moisture and keep the scalp healthy.
Follicleanse Shampoo ProFolla Silk Growth Shampoo ProFolla Silk Moisture Shampoo
Follicleanse Shampoo
Our Price: $96.00
Zinc PCA is also used to help eliminate dandruff , itchy, oily scalp, scalp acne, dermatitis, and smelly scalp. Zinc PCA is the leading contributor to having healthy scalp and hair. This has proven beneficial in preventing hair loss as well as dandruff. Trichogen has been scientifically proven to work. It also keeps hair from breaking. Using emu and jojoba oil to increase hairs moisture and hydrate the scalp. Emu oil helps revive sleeping follicles while locking in moisture. Profolla silk moisture shampoo works for all hair types, and both men and women.
Awaken and Replenish Shampoo
Hair grows from the root and must remain in an active growing phase for hair to be healthy. Omega 3's, amino acids and extreme botanical extracts help hair to remain at it's most optimal.